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February 15, 2021

How defining brand words can influence your photos

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If you had to use five words to describe your business, what would they be?

Those five brand words will set your business apart from others and form a clear vision of your business. They can also equip you better to prepare for your small business photo session and inspire and guide your photographer to create the ideal images you need.

For local wine and beer shop – Bottle House – their five words were:

Warm, friendly, comprehensive, quality, delicious

We ask all our small businesses to define their 5 brand words in their initial questionnaire, so whether you are selling a product, or service, or are creating a personal brand, this exercise can get the gears turning on how you want your clients to feel when they interact with your website, social media, or physical shop.


Here’s how brand words influence brand photos:


Walking into a retail shop, it is important to know that you will be assisted with warmth and eagerness. To capture this word, we took a few photos of the business owners showing a “customer” their product to convey a customer service experience met with warmth.


BottleHouse_2021-49 copy.jpg



What better way to communicate friendliness then to get some great photos of the faces your customers will see when coming to your store?! They didn’t want their store to feel stuffy or unapproachable, so we kept these casual!


BottleHouse_2021-57 copy.jpg



This is where we leaned into the offerings and products this business had to offer. From wine, beer cocktail additions, and more – it was important for us to capture the entirety of their offerings as pieces that made up the whole of the shop.


BottleHouse_2021-12 copy.jpg
BottleHouse_2021-22 copy.jpg

BottleHouse_2021-20 copy.jpg

BottleHouse_2021-4 copy.jpg



Now all of the above might be true, but what is great customer service and variety without quality products that keep people coming back for more? Here, we want photos to capture the standard of excellence in which the business holds itself.


BottleHouse_2021-28 copy.jpg
BottleHouse_2021-38 copy.jpg



Am I the only one who shares mouth-watering food and beverage posts to friends on Instagram with the message “Have you seen this place? Let’s go!” 

A few shots of a business’s offerings in action allow the viewers to imagine and even crave the desire to check it out!


BottleHouse_2021-35 copy.jpg

BottleHouse_2021-42 copy.jpg
BottleHouse_2021-53 copy.jpg

BottleHouse_2021-52 copy.jpg


Interested in upgrading your small business photos?

Reach out to book your spot in the Charlottesville, VA area or learn more about our session options + pricing here. We can’t wait to meet you and support your small business!