I'm a family and newborn photographer and educator. 

hey, I'm Leah.

I've been working with families since my days as a teenager in the mall portrait studios - yea, we go waaaaay back.



I believe in being the light in dark places. I believe it starts small.
It starts with little hearts and homes.

I believe the world feels too big sometimes - that making a difference feels imperative and impossible.

But when we run through sprinklers with our clothes on and play a little past bedtime and taste the batter and hug so hard we fall over… we are rebels.

I believe that celebrating people for who they are is step 1 in building a world full of people who appreciate and support one another.

I believe sometimes we need a little help seeing our own light.

When its reflected back to us, we shine brighter together. 

Why Firefly?

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- Eleanor

"It is rare for me to look at photos of myself and feel happy with how I look - but I am so thankful to have photos of me with my family that I can see and feel nothing but love."

There's a culture around “picture perfect family photos” and I'm not into it.

The backstory

My person and our 3 babies

Put on a record, make some waffles, lay in the grass, splash in the river. We're here to tap into the goodness that abounds when we're all in with each other. For in these moments of photographing your family, you get to soak in the beauty of it all - then relive it again and again in the photos we make from that well. 

Perfect is boring. You are much cooler than that.

I've been photographing families for over 15 years, everywhere from Hawaii to Virginia, in dark homes and scenic mountaintops, with stoic teens, camera-shy parents, and crying babies. Basically nothing surprises me.

My goal is to help you see your insides on the outside.

For today, tomorrow, and 50 years from now. The photographs we make together will remind you of what's most important. 

not about

Sticking babies in baskets,
overcomplicating things,
stiff, fake posing
hustle culture


A good book,
black coffee,
printed recipes, 
celebrating people

all about


We bought a camera. I found a few local photographers and begged to tag along. I shadowed them and slumped bags and watched them edit and soaked up their confidence. I realized that “professional photographer” was an option - and I wanted it bad.  Despite my complete lack of skills and business savvy, I felt the nudge and threw myself all in. 

From the beginning, I wanted to make images that felt more real - visual reminders of legacy, personality, and little joys that set our souls on fire.

what would you do with this one wild and precious life? 

In my early 20’s, I was freshly married and freshly graduated from JMU with a degree in English and a masters in secondary education, alone on an actual island paradise. We were nomads - on Oahu for just one year. I had no kids, no job, a bajillion questions rattling around the big question - 

I've spent the last decade chasing down that vision. 

Words from happy clients:

"Absolutely stunning - I cannot thank you enough. These photos mean everything to us."

— Sarah


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