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I've been a family photographer for 10 years and tried just about every way of doing things.

 ✔ All inclusive, IPS, and virtual sales.
 ✔ Studio, in home, and on location.
 ✔ Driven solo, built a team, and contracted help.
✔ Built systems from scratch and tested dozens of industry tools.

There's no secret sauce to success and no final destination, but I've learned enough to know your best work is likely brewing along some weird combo of risk and grace. And maybe if you can see the landmines as breadcrumbs, it won't all seem so hard.

Maybe you can pick them up one by one and find a way to be a boss and artist... have regular clients and shoot the kinds of sessions you actually smarter not harder from a place of joy overflowing.

uncover unique solutions to your biggest hangups
Gain momentum, organization + confidence
simplify the lists + decide your next right thing

Let's figure out how to best use your gifting and shine light to others through your work. 

take me there!

upDates on new offers, free resources, and education to your inbox

Live chats every Monday with  behind the scenes lessons with full-gallery walkthroughs, deep dives into your current hangups, and community support to make decisions and improve your craft business owner and lifestyle photographer

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Yes, Please!

These email templates are the exact messages my clients receive throughout their experience with Firefly.  No strings attached. Take 'em, tweak 'em, or just use them as a launching point to building a healthy business + a creative life.

 3 FREE Email templates to simplify your workflow

Free goodies 

like chocolate chip cookies, but for business


Weekly 2 hour coaching calls for four weeks to dig into your systems, workflows, and habits that will build strong foundation and freedom as a creative business owner.
  • individualized support
  • weekly written recaps + homework
  • accountability 
  • strategic steps to walk you through from vision to execution

4 week workshop

Interested in this one? You're a rockstar. Schedule a reboot first to get aquainted and we'll go from there!


2 hour zoom call (or in person if you're local!) to dig into the big thing that has you stuck. 
  • Learn how to automate without loosing personality
  • get a copy or website audit + recommendations
  • learn opportunities for implementing virtual product sales
Ask me absolutely anything and I'll show you my ropes, but more importantly, help you revamp one area of your business that will free up space, creativity, and/or profitability!

Crash course

schedule a crash course

Need a new perspective before a big decision? A portfolio review?
Help with clarifying your offers?
Want to get to know me + my approach before saying 'yes' to a deeper dive together?

Let's hop on the phone to untangle your questions and re-inspire you to push towards your next right thing. 

free 30-minute reboot

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finding your creative voice/style
effective marketing strategies / evaluation
team-building + working with contractors
workflow systems + client experience
 confidence with your work
editing style, techniques, and consistency 
product sales / in person & online
website evaluation + assistance
portfolio review 

TOPics to tackle

Let's dig in

  • deep dive into real session challenges with weekly live gallery walkthroughs
  • share wisdom across the industry
  • join forces with a shared vision for personality-driven family photography
  • up-level your art and business

Want to go behinD the scenes?

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