Education + Mentoring

I've been a family photographer for 10 years and tried just about every way of doing things.

 ✔ All inclusive, IPS, and virtual sales.
 ✔ Studio, in home, and on location.
 ✔ Driven solo, built a team, and contracted help.
✔ Built systems from scratch and tested dozens of industry tools.

There's no secret sauce to success and no final destination, but I've learned enough to know your best work is likely brewing along some weird combo of risk and grace. And maybe if you can see the landmines as breadcrumbs, it won't all seem so hard.

Maybe you can pick them up one by one and find a way to be a boss and artist... have regular clients and shoot the kinds of sessions you actually smarter not harder from a place of joy overflowing.

Let's figure it out together.  

uncover unique solutions to your biggest hangups
Gain momentum, organization + confidence
simplify the lists + decide your next right thing


2-3 hour intensive time to go deep on your biggest pain points. More than just Q&A, it's someone to hash things out with and create actionable tools to take into your work. Starting with the big picture, goals, and desires and working backwards through the details, we'll set a course for getting un-stuck and filling your toolbox and creative soul. 

Deep Dive


1 hour zoom call (or in person if you're local!) to pick my brain. We'll dig into whatever has you stuck and uncover fresh perspective, answers, and direction. Ask me absolutely anything and I'll hold nothing back! 

Crash course

Schedule a free Reboot call

Book a 30 minute intro call with me in the last 2 weeks of January for free! Limited spots available for first time calls only - grab a spot here!

schedule a Reboot call!

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schedule a crash course

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