firefly education

for family photographers

love what you do and how you do it. 

maybe you've been feeling a little stuck.

in the rat-race of people pleasing, unsatisfied or uncertain about your art, or not booking like you want to.

Deep down, you know you want this but it's so dang confusing - like a giant puzzle you can't quite crack. You know you have more in you, but you're having trouble breaking through the messy middle.

What if you stopped trying to do it all alone and tried a different route? 

imagine feeling more like this...

excited and confident stepping into every shoot



clear and organized with your workflows and offers


like you're
leveling up and becoming the boss + Artist you intended 

I’m a lifestyle family photographer and I've been learning about and working with families since my days as a teenager in the mall portrait studios - yea, we go waaaaay back. I made a pact to myself - (and the world) while my head was stuffed in an Easter bunny costume and standing creepily behind crying kids on a backdrop that as an artist, I'd do things differently. I've spent the last 20 years building a business I'm proud of. I love what I do and how I do it, and that's the gold I want to pass on as an educator, too.

With a masters degree in education, I’m equally obsessed with helping other photographers cut through the clutter and feel on fire about their work - both behind the camera and behind the desk. 

hey, i'm leah

one on one Mentoring

for lifestyle family photographers

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Leah is authentic, wise, and honest - she holds nothing back when mentoring her clients and deeply cares. When leaving your time with Leah, expect to feel motivated with tangible tasks to move forward on. She is a breath of fresh air and will push you to think 

outside the "mainstream" box on business and photography.

Autumn - Autumn Brooke Photography

(PSSST I made this for you!)
Includes: tips for what to do when things aren't as expected, how to incorporate meaningful activity, playful prompts, and more.

"The mentoring calls I did with Leah were 

in gaining clarity and focus for the direction of my business in the last year!"

by far the most helpful thing