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Love what you do and how you do it.

Being a family photographer is about so much more than learning to take pretty pictures. If you're finding tension between your personal life, your client work, and the nuts and bolts of business, I want to help you find clarity, take action, and have joy in making a living photographing families.

You don't have to do it alone.

I made a pact to myself - (and families everywhere) while my head was stuffed in an Easter bunny costume. 

I was standing creepily behind crying kids on a spring-themed backdrop in my mall studio job and knew that if I got the chance, I would do things differently. I'd make art for families that really celebrated family. I've spent the last 20 years building a business I'm proud of. I love what I do, how I do it, and who I do it for...and that's the gold I want to pass on to you, too.

With a masters degree in education, I’m equally as obsessed with teaching as I am about art. My goal is to help other photographers cut through the clutter and feel on fire about their work all around.

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3 Tips for endless posing variety in family photos

Extend the life of the poses and prompts you already use and with these go-to techniques to make more interesting, natural photos and have your clients feelin' all the feels! 

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how i can help

Trello for photographers

If you're feeling scattered, unorganized, and ready for a system that helps you figure out what you need to do next... this is that system. 1 hour to the clarity and direction you need to thrive.

Right Track Audits

Send a portfolio, a workflow, or a gallery -  whatever you need feedback on. I'll return a custom recorded video with insights and actions to help you move forward on the right track.

1:1 Mentoring

The in-depth support to tackle your big blocks and level-up to bring new clarity and excitement to your work as an artist and business owner. Virtual and In-person options!

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refined workflows that get you working more efficiently and moving in the right direction for your goals

clear vision and direction for your unique purpose, market, and art

peace with a plan for heart-led, personal, direct marketing strategies that work

confidence shooting with families in any home 


Let's start with...

Why leah?

20 years of experience photographing families, including 3 moves, style pivots, and price increases

I've built and actively utilize a streamlined virtual sales model that busy families love (and I'm happy to share it!) Also, simplifying systems is my jam - it's how Ive been able to operate a full-time business in part-time hours while growing my family (and not losing my sanity)

I believe it's totally possible to attract, book, and retain loyal, awesome clients without flashy social media marketing and humble heart-led connections (it's how I fill out my calendar year after year!)

And most importantly, I believe when you're working in alignment with your heart and your unique vision, you can

light up the world. 

I feel like we think the same, except Leah's the version of my brain that is already organized. She blows it out of the park everytime. So thankful for this information!"

"This was GOLD.

- Victoria

She is responsive, helpful and super supportive!! She gives action steps for you to actually apply her teachings. 

Leah is an amazing teacher -clear and educational, without being overwhelming.


When leaving your time with Leah, expect to feel motivated with tangible tasks to move forward on. She is a breath of fresh air and will push you to think outside the "mainstream box" on business and photography.

outside the "mainstream" box on business and photography.

Leah is authentic, wise, and honest - she holds nothing back when mentoring her clients and deeply cares. 

- Autumn

Right-track audits

Ever wish you could just get some decent advice? There's that ooooone thing that's got you stuck and you feel like if you could just get some eyes on it, get some feedback, you'd know what to do next and it would make a huge difference? That's what this is for.

Right-track audits

THe topics

Portfolio Audit

Get feedback on your vibe -what are you putting out and what are people picking up? Your video will include thoughts on your strongest images, how to refine your work, and specific ideas for what to work on so you can better attract (and convert!) your target clients

Workflow audit

Do you feel like you're working harder than you should be? Know it could be easier or better but aren't quite sure where/how to simplify? After digging into your current processes, your right-track video will provide valuable outside perspective on smart automations (without loosing your personal touch!), opportunities to simplify, and questions to help you refine your work for more fruitful balance. 

Gallery Audit

Send me links to up to 3 sessions for feedback - they can be sessions you love or ones that didn't land quite right - either way, you'll get constructive outside perspective on your strongest images, culling recommendations, and ideas to improve lighting, posing, and direction that will help level up your skills for upcoming sessions

Within 1 week, I'll record & send a personalized video for you to watch in your own time (no scheduling required!). You can watch forever as many times as you need amen. Up to 30 minutes of custom training just for you to break through your ceiling and make some moves. 

Receive your audit video

I'll send you a form to dig a little deeper into your current brand + business, your goals, vision, and hangups. This helps me tailor my feedback to what's most helpful to growing the business you're actually after.  Attach your media for me to review.

fill out the intake form

Raise your hand for support and I'll be there with bells on! Use the contact form to let me know which area you could use feedback on and reserve an audit with an online booking.

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how it works

  • A quick way to take action and dip your toe into working with a mentor
  • Asynchronous mentoring (no coordinating complicated schedules!) 
  • Watch and learn as many times as you need
  • Focussed feedback on one area of your business
  • open, honest, and constructive feedback with a trusted source (hi, it's me!)
  • completely confidential 

Right-track audits | $250

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I'm baby farm-to-table sartorial helvetica, migas marfa paleo chambray normcore 8-bit bushwick roof party truffaut banjo actually. YOLO health goth jean shorts forage farm-to-table flannel. 

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

tripled his revenue


one-on-one Mentoring 

You know your camera. You know you love photographing families. You know you want to make this really work... and you're not willing to sacrifice your sanity, personal life, or passion to see it come to life. You've been climbing alone long enough - mentoring can help you level-up and break through to your next best self as an artist and business-owner. 

Mentoring for family photographers

Does this sound like you?

you're drawn to

sessions at home but feel like it's a huge pivot and your clients would never go for it


a huge influx of fall clients, but need your sanity back and more clients throughout the year


to build a business that's sustainable and life-giving. You're on track to burnout (or in the thick of it) instead.

Confused about

how to reach clients who you really connect with - you're over social media and the quick content grind, but aren't sure how to market without it)

you feel:

now imagine




pumped about marketing and in total alignment with your dream people

on fire about your message, vision, and direction with family photography

Reach out

Two 90-minute recorded calls within 90 days

Written recap/action plan after each call

Unlimited Voxer support in between calls to troubleshoot, empower, and clarify so you can keep going towards your goals and see real change

Virtual mentoring | 750

reach out

Photograph a family session with me! I'll tailor the specifics to what you're looking to book more of to allow guided practice with specific challenges, demographics, locations, etc.

Meet before the shoot to talk through the nuts and bolts of the session, prep workflow, your personal goals, etc

Work together after the shoot to debrief, cull, ask questions, demonstrate editing techniques and more

a local Charlottesville lunch! 

In person half-day mentoring | 950

charlottesville, va

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Let's meet for (virtual) coffee

Every relationship starts by meeting for a no-strings-attached call to see if we're a good fit and how I can help. 30 minutes on zoom to just break the ice and talk shop - and we'll go from there!

schedule an intro call

The Behind the Scenes for family photographers private facebook community

Field your questions and gain like-minded community with other family photographers. Here, I give regular trainings, 5 min portfolio reviews, and more to bring  you momentum and support.

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- charis

“The mentoring calls I did with Leah were by far the most helpful thing in gaining clarity and focus for my business in the last year”

REAd Post

Check out the books I got my hands on in 2022 and the 2023 book list I have on tap ahead.

Blog: My 2023 Book List

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coming soon! // A podcast for lifestyle family photographers blending lessons on business, creativity, and capturing the heart of families with soul and skill - join the list for updates!

The Photo Fuel Podcast

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This 20-minute detailed video walks you through a full family session at home - including tips for what to do when things aren't as expected, how to incorporate meaningful activity, playful prompts, and more. 

Get empowered to tackle your next home family session!

Watch me work!


- Alima

“I was feeling burnt out and discouraged but was too overwhelmed to get started. [leah] laid it all out in such a clear and concise way! So GOOD!