4 Pros to Spring family photos in Charlottesville


Fall is by far the most popular season for family photos, but I think spring is getting the short end of the stick as a really awesome candidate. If you know you want family photos in Charlottesville this year, here’s a few things to consider and why a spring session could actually be a way better alternative for you.



Like Miss Rhode Island says, it’s not too hot and not too cold….all you need is a light jacket!

If you’re not loving the idea of bundling layers and red noses for your shoot, you’ll be pretty safe with a session between late March and early June here in Virginia. (We have a whole post about how to dress for your session in any weather/location to give you some ideas here — though it may not be what you’d expect.)

Now, it’s true, sometimes spring in Virginia can be a crap shoot —(could it snow or be 80 degrees, WHO KNOWS)

The good news is, we’re really flexible when it comes to weather and want you to have a shoot that is not only going to yield the results you’ve envisioned but also is a fun experience. So if the weather forecast looks iffy for shoot day, we’ll decide to either pack the rainboots and brave the uncertainty (cloudy days can be GORGEOUS btw) or reschedule.

Alternatively, we love to suggest planning a home shoot from the get-go!

We can shoot rain or shine and just embrace whatever routines you have in and around your home. Check out this post for more examples of activities our families have incorporated into their at-home sessions.



Trees are filling out with color again and if fields of flowers my your heart sore, now’s the time, baby.

You already know that I won’t ever ask your kid to “say cheese,” but these are some of the activities we love suggesting for outdoor family sessions, and they’re just extra lovely in the spring. Think blowing bubbles, packing a picnic, picking apples, licking sticky ice cream cones… the world opens up in the spring around Charlottesville!

3. Sunset times

The days are getting longer in spring, but sunset is still early enough that you don’t have to keep the kids up super late to take advantage of an evening family photo session when the lighting is perfect.

Outdoor sessions in the spring typically start around 4:30-6pm, while in summer, we really can’t begin till more like 7-8pm.

With fall and winter, shorter days can mean starting around 3-3:30pm, which runs right into naps for many families with younger kids. And goodness knows we want rested kiddos for your session.


Another plug for home sessions:

Earlier sunrise times in the spring make it harder to find good outdoor locations for the morning, so if you know that’s when your kids are best, a home shoot is another amazing option.

We can make pancakes, play in the backyard, take a walk…capture all those little weekend things you love about your family time. Check out this post for more about how / why timing is important and how to iron out your priorities when deciding when you want to book your family session.

This is also a great example of a spring-time family session at home!


4. Gifts for the year

When you invest in family photos earlier in the year, you can chalk it up as your gift for holidays throughout the year — think mothers day, fathers day, grandparent birthdays, and even Christmas cards (hint: no one cares if it’s you’re not wearing red and standing in the snow.)

Maybe it’s the session itself that’s the gift, or you can choose from our beautiful books and frames as tangible gifts that will be adored daily in the home.


The cliff-notes

Outdoor Family Photos in the Spring are best for:

  • Families with early risers!
  • Families with young kids who are in bed by 7:30 most nights
  • Individuals who tend to sweat a lot or are really bothered by heat
  • Individuals who are sensitive to cold (or plain-ole’ don’t like being outside in it!)
  • Families interested in an outdoor newborn session

Who’s not a good fit for an outdoor Spring shoot:

  • If you have toddlers who get cranky by 6:00pm every night
  • If you prefer sweaters and boots to dresses and short sleeves
  • If you’d prefer a morning shoot but don’t want to shoot at home or be somewhere else by 7:00am

Don’t fight for dates!

We do something kindof fun around here to schedule family sessions in peak seasons. We call it our booking party and we host it twice a year – spring and fall. Basically, we pick one day that only families on our email list will have access to choose a date before the rest of the crowd plus get a little bonus goodie for booking early and being generally awesome.

If you like a photographer who can make your session fun, be flexible, and make your kids ask “when can we do photos again!?”

I’m your family photographer.

If you’re looking for someone who will blast the soundtrack from Frozen so you can have a mid-field dance party…

Also me.

If you like the super posed, stiff bodies and cheesy smiles, you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere.

Ready for a silly and sweet family photography session this spring? Book your spot with me in the Charlottesville, VA area or check my pricing page for more info on packages.

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4 Pros to Spring family photos in Charlottesville