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Here you'll find featured family and newborn photography, photography education, and tips for stress-free sessions that feel wild and true. Dig deeper wtih personal stories of simple joys and the inspired details in everyday life that ignite my work, thoughts, and heart for making art in the world. 


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Behind the project The Big Feelings Little Houses project is an ongoing experiment celebrating the big personality that unfolds in the nooks and crannies of home. It was born out of a desire to bring a new angle to representing artistic family photography in media through more diverse environments than only those that are ultra-styled […]


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Planning maternity leave as a family photographer

Planning maternity leave as a family photographer – even as an entrepreneur or small business owner in general – can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You are in complete control and… oh, shoot, you’re in complete control. There’s no paid time off. There are no set-in-stone dates for your leave or return. […]


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5 Major Shifts That Helped Grow My Family Photography Business

These 5 decisions were the most strategic steps I implemented to grow my family photography business since I started 10 years ago. Over time, they built upon each other to help me not just “get seen,” but to get to work with clients who were truly a great fit for my style, personality, and profitability. […]


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Things to do in Charlottesville with kids

There are so many adventurous and beautiful things to do in Charlottesville with kids. Through my years living here, I’ve had the privilege of photographing many families from out of town – whether visiting their old Alma Mater at UVA or gathering for a family reunion, I’ve gotten to meet and work with families from […]


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A look at adaptive parenting from quadriplegic mom of twins

When Dani reached out last November, we were both pregnant, due around the same time, and met for coffee at a local shop to chat about maternity, hospital, and newborn sessions.

It was all pretty typical, except for the fact that Dani is quadriplegic, and now, joins only a handful of other quadriplegic mothers ever to give birth to twins.


A morning person, nostalgia- obsessed, book-loving dreamer + doer

Hi, I'm Leah.
Family photographer and educator.

I am endlessly curious. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself and love a good kitchen dance party. My kids inspire and delight me daily. My superpower is seeing magic in the mundane and thinking way too deeply about it. I’ll talk your ear off about business, purpose, and the ways art can fuel both. I believe the best way to care for people is to really see them. Every man in my life taught me that strength starts with black coffee and every woman showed me that you can be both sweet and spicy. 

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