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July 21, 2023

Why you should choose to do summer family photos at home | Charlottesville, VA

Want to know the magical solution to getting all the pros of summer family photos without the heat, bugs, and late start times? Plan your summer family photos at home.

Summer can be a tricky season to schedule family photos outdoors because the days are so long and hot. A sunset session when the light is glowy and you’re not sweating could mean a 7:30pm start time… which is tough for families with young kids.

On the flip side, the summer season is much more versatile in color to coordinate with your home if you plan to display your photos (vs clear fall orangy/red vibes) and flowy dresses, shirtless little toddlers, and bare feet are the stuff of pure family session magic.

While I’m a huge fan of sessions where we splash in water and run with abandon in grassy fields… if that doesn’t feel doable or fun for you, then home is where it’s at.

In every session at home, I aim to capture the intricacies of personality that are innate within family dynamics – the subtle touches, bold laughter, intimate moments mixed with silliness.

It’s all baked into our relationships and so wonderfully accessible when we can let loose at home and feel beautifully alive with the people we love most.

These summer family photos at home have all the playful breeziness of a session outdoors, but with the added bonus of air conditioning and the sentiment that comes from capturing memories in a family’s most sacred space.

mom with kids in summer family session at home
family poses for at home sessions
playful family photos at home
summer family photos at home in Charlottesville, VA
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playful family session at home, charlottesville va
summer family photos at home by charlottesville photographer

Here’s what this mom had to say about their session:

“Leah these are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I am so blown away and so excited to share these!!! Thank you for capturing my family and freezing that day in time so beautifully!!! I am so impressed with how you somehow made our house look like a good backdrop for family photos, too. It’s tiny and old and our couch desperately needs a shampoo (or to be replaced entirely) and you can’t tell at all 🙂 Thank you!!!”

If you’re still here and feeling all warm and gooey inside about the idea of capturing your family in a comfortable, heartwarming way… reach out!

Let’s get your session on the calendar asap and celebrate the magical blend of simplicity and wildness that is family.

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