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Love in an upside-down world | in-home family photos in Charlottesville

I'm Leah!

I’m obsessed with stories of family, creativity, and simple joys.  A nostalgia nerd, educator, wife, and mom of 3, I believe life’s most fun when you’re dreaming big and having kitchen dance parties. 

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poses for family of three in lifestyle family photos

When the world feels upside down, there’s still that moment.

The one when you brush a fallen hair out of her eyes and tuck it behind her ear.
There are tiny red cheeks, soft and supple, grinning about things like sparkles and raspberries.
Sun-dripped nooks of warmth.
Hugs like fuel.

Books of encouragement and stories of escape.

Friends across the world but a phone call away.

Blankets with the perfect softness around tired feet. The quiet of dawn and clarity in stillness.

When the world feels upside down, there’s still hope. And there’s still home.

poses for lifestyle family photos at home by charlottesville va family photographer

Honoring the character of home in photographs is one of those things that feels unimportant till it’s important.

The chair where you spend hours nursing, the table where you share holiday feasts and Tuesday takeout, the hallways you pace in hushed arguments about sleep training and potty training and curfew, your sunny corner with the plants.

Not because of its perfection or its permanence. Not because of its style or its intrigue.

But because home is part of the heart.

And when you’re fortunate to have those rooms and that roof, even squeaky floorboards or outdated wallpaper becomes an anchor. A backdrop for a season of life.

Whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end, right now, it’s home.

pose for family of three at home in lifestyle family photos by charlottesville va photographer
candid moments between family in lifestyle family photos at home
pose for parents in lifestyle family photo session at home
playful moment between father and daughter in lifestyle family photos at home
lifestyle family photos at home with a dog
father and daughter together at home
overhead pose of family of three in lifestyle family photos at home

Interested in lifestyle family photos at home?

If you want family photos dripping with love in the most genuine way from the comfort of home, oh we’re onto something good. I would love to create with you – reach out to get started.

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Home is the key to removing some of the biggest stressors that most people say they hate about family photos - like getting everybody dressed and out the door on time. Here's how. 


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Hi, I'm Leah.
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I am endlessly curious. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself and love a good kitchen dance party. My kids inspire and delight me daily. My superpower is seeing magic in the mundane and thinking way too deeply about it. I’ll talk your ear off about business, purpose, and the ways art can fuel both. I believe the best way to care for people is to really see them. Every man in my life taught me that strength starts with black coffee and every woman showed me that you can be both sweet and spicy. 

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