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October 15, 2020

A Quarantine 5th Birthday Party


Despite the fact that they weren’t able to have friends and family overdue to Covid-19, this family decided to make the most of it and go big anyway for their little girl’s 5th birthday.

After jumping in the bounce house til the sun went down, the family headed inside to video chat extended family, make her favorite dinner— Cincinnati Chili — and decorate the homemade birthday cake. They shared tender moments and traditions as the day came to an end: sweet hugs, cuddling on the couch, and bedtime stories with the same Dr. Suess book they read every year on this day.

When we sent over their slideshow and gallery, this was mom’s response:

“Leah. Tears literally are streaming down my face.

This. There are absolutely no words. Thank you. Those are amazing. Each one. I’m so happy we did that here and really captured such a special day in our home”

What a joy to tell the story of this special quarentine birthday party, the beautiful glimpses in the midst of a tough year, and the moments that build a foundation of family and love as this little lady grows.