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for lifestyle family photographers

You know your camera. You know you love photographing families. You know you want to make this really work... and you're not willing to sacrifice your sanity, personal life, or passion to see it come to life.

Does this sound like you?

You're drawn to sessions at home but feel like it's a huge pivot and your clients would never go for it

Your fall is overwhelming but you hear crickets in other seasons

You're over social media and the quick content grind, but aren't sure how to market without it (or it's not really working, anyways)

You want to build a business that's sustainable and life-giving, but you're on track to burnout (or in the thick of it) instead

I’m a lifestyle family photographer and I've been working with families since my days as a teenager in the mall portrait studios - yea, we go waaaaay back. I made a pact to myself - (and the world) while my head was stuffed in an Easter bunny costume standing creepily behind crying kids on a spring-themed backdrop that I would do things differently and make art for families with feeling. I've spent the last 20 years building a business I'm proud of. I love what I do, how I do it, and who I do it for...and that's the gold I want to pass on to you, too.

With a masters degree in education, I’m equally obsessed with helping other photographers cut through the clutter and feel on fire about their work - both behind the camera and behind the desk. 

hey, i'm leah

"The mentoring calls I did with Leah were 

in gaining clarity and focus for the direction of my business in the last year!"

by far the most helpful thing


> TWO 90-minute recorded calls 

> written recap/action plan after each call

> unlimited voxer support in between calls 

(we'll determine our goals and topics in your entry call and with an intake questionnaire after you book. Topics could involve marketing, streamlining your systems, honing in on your specialty and messaging, portfolio/website review, copy audit, and in-home photography)


IN-person half-day


> Join in on photographing a family session with me! I'll tailor the specifics to what you're looking to book more of to allow more experience with any specific challenges you want to improve on. 

> meet before the shoot to talk through the nuts and bolts of the session, prep, planning steps I take before a shoot, and more

> work session after the shoot to cull, discuss, ask questions, demonstrate editing techniques and more

> a local Charlottesville lunch! :-)

(charlottesville, va)

The first step is always a free, no-strings-attached 30-minute chat to get to know you and your business and talk about how I could help!

let's grab (virtual) coffee

why leah?

> I have 20 years of experience photographing families, including 3 moves, major style pivots, and mega price increases

> I've built and utilize a streamlined virtual sales model that busy families love (and I'm happy to share it!)

> Simplifying systems is my jam - it's how Ive been able to operate a full-time business in part-time hours while growing my family (and not losing my sanity)

> It's totally possible to attract, book, and retain loyal, awesome clients without flashy social media marketing (it's how I fill out my calendar year after year!)

> I believe when you're working in alignment with your heart and your unique vision, you can light up the world. 

(PSSST I made this for you!)
Includes: tips for what to do when things aren't as expected, how to incorporate meaningful activity, playful prompts, and more.

Leah is authentic, wise, and honest - she holds nothing back when mentoring her clients and deeply cares. When leaving your time with Leah, expect to feel motivated with tangible tasks to move forward on. She is a breath of fresh air and will push you to think 

outside the "mainstream" box on business and photography.

Autumn - Autumn Brooke Photography

If you've gotten this far, stop talking yourself out of it! 
Let's go down the next path together.

time to level up, love