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February 3, 2023

When you’re wondering if it matters

natural outdoor poses for family of four, charlottesville va photographer

Between reheated coffee breaks and lego towers, we wonder if any of it matters.

Mothering. Dish-washing. Waking early to move, create, breathe.

If the 10 minutes of coloring with your kid matters.
If saying ‘i love you’ for the millionth time still matters.
If art and music and words and walks and twirls and sips and squeezes matter.

At the end of life, in 10 years from now… what if this is *all* that matters?

And the ripple effects of those nighttime prayers and goodnight kisses

Meant the difference between leaning in and pulling away.

Or the little eyes watching from around the corner of your office

from the kitchen counter

out the window of the bus stop where you’re waiting to grab their hand and ask

“how was your day?”

Are the still-wet cement to a heart that is kind, just, and present.

The fact is, we’ll never quite know.

But life is a whole lot more colorful

when we believe just sometimes

it does.

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If you want heartwarming outdoor family photos with your people, to capture the feelings that make you return to your joy in motherhood, I’m your person. Reach out here.

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