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Trello (for family photographers)

If you're feeling scattered, unorganized, and ready for a system that helps you figure out what you need to do next... this is that system.

1 hour of learning for clarity and control over your time

It's time you start doing what you say you want to do.

You are 5 modules away from a system that is both simple to manage and flexible for your changing business and life. Because it's all connected - so why shouldn't your system take that into account?  This course details the 4-board-system that keeps me focussed and working with efficiency in my family photography business, plus all the guidance for how to adjust it to fit yours. 

FRUSTRATED with scheduling your time

OVERWHELMED BY checklists and to-do's

like you're not actually doing the things you say you want to do for your business

...*cough* the blogging ideas list a mile long that keeps getting moved and ignored even though you know it's important.

if you're feeling

...like when you sit down to work in that 1 hour of nap-time, but spend half of it figuring out what you need to do

...waving to you ideas in the Notes app, sticky notes,  CRM workflows, and voice memos all adding up to nothing really getting done.

The results

how bout more of this:

Time doing the things that actually matter toward the growth and success of your photography business

Clarity on what's on your agenda for the month, the week, and each day

Clear insight as to what is and isn't getting done, leading to better decisions and more efficiency

confidence around your work and progress on meaningful projects

strategy and habits that support healthy boundaries and purposeful direction

Get the course for $35

- Rebecca

TRELLO!! omg - my mind is blown! I'm feeling more organized by the minute!

Leah is so generous with sharing all the lists she uses, etc. It's exactly what I need to learn how to use new technology -- I always learn best when I can copy and use someone else's systems, play around with them, and then figure out how to adapt them to my own situation. It makes it so much less overwhelming!

Who's behind this?

I made a pact to myself - (and families everywhere) while my head was stuffed in an Easter bunny costume. 

I was standing creepily behind crying kids on a spring-themed backdrop in my mall studio job and knew that if I got the chance, I would do things differently. I'd make art for families that really celebrated family. I've spent the last 20 years building a business I'm proud of. I love what I do, how I do it, and who I do it for...and that's the gold I want to pass on to you, too.

With a masters degree in education, I’m equally as obsessed with teaching as I am about art. My goal is to help other photographers cut through the clutter and feel on fire about their work all around.

Hi, I'm Leah

Learn however suits you best and revisit the sections anytime you need a refresher.

Audio, visual, and written modules

The monthly duty day practice to batch all the annoying little tasks into one CEO date with ma-self

game-changing checklists

I'll walk you through my 4-board setup, monthly scheduling practice, annual project cards, and the 10- minute routine that streamlines my to-do list each week

The system that keeps me sane


Does this replace my crm?

How flexible is this to adjust for my business?

Nope, it's like your CRM's best buddy. Your CRM helps manage your client work, but this helps with... everything else. Think planning your time to blog, write newsletters, & send client outreach. + all the one-off projects like updatinig your website, pitching your work and more. 

Super flexbile! I'll pull back the curtain on how I use it to streamline my own ideas and processes, which you can swipe or replace with your own rhythms and goals. This class will give you a blueprint for the process, but the tasks you plug in can be totally yours. 

You might be wondering...

How long will this take to complete?

There's just under 1 hour of video content broken up into 5 video modules - presentation-style with a walkthrough of my actual boards and card setup. You'll also get the whole pdf presentation to flip through at your own pace for future reference + a doc with all my checklists to get you started with some ideas for implementing. You'll spend a littel time setting up your own boards from there, but you'll have ALL the building blocks to get you rolling.

"I feel so excited by all the possibilities!! 

I have info. and tasks in a notebook, a million notes in Evernote, Google reminders, Google calendar, spreadsheets... I imagine this can be a central hub for all of that. Plus, I love checklists! 

- Jennifer

Just $35 - yep!

Grab the course!

Spend one hour learning this system and let it change the way you work! Finally gain some momentum behind your projects, routines, and healthy habits that support your art, service, and the life you wan to lead. 

I'm in!

- victoria

"Just finished the Trello course and OMG that was GOLDEN! Honestly, so much of it can be used in other areas of my life too. GOLDEN."