The Perfect Newborn Photo Book


Do a google search on newborn baby books and you’ll come up with approximately one- gazillion different options to choose from. Chances are, new moms will be like holy moly, this is insane, look through a few, get decision paralysis, and not choose a thing. 

If you’ve invested in newborn photos, we want to make sure it’s easy to actually enjoy them and let them serve their purpose, so we made the last step easy.

(Side note, we want to make the rest of it easy, too – it’s kindof our thing. Grab this free resource guide to all things motherhood and new baby with advice, essential product recommendations, local biz favorites, and more from our Firefly mama tribe!)


I’ve tested and ordered samples from dozens of labs over the years to narrow down those choices for our families, and am super excited about where we’ve landed in 2021 with our new 8×8 keepsake book.

While our previous albums were also stunning and super high quality, I wanted to offer families something that felt warmer, more approachable for leaving out and about (to actually look at, ya know?!), and in a mid-range price point.

This baby is a step up from our most popular product – the softcover book – and seriously, so so pretty. A soft-to-the-touch velvet cover and little gold-heart imprint are just the sweetest fine details that make it perfect for newborn and family sessions.

Our 2 signature colors for these books are Oatmeal and Coastal Grey.

They’re lovely neutral tones that are timeless and complimentary to any home. There are other cover options available, however, and we’re happy to create something custom!


Each of our collections comes with a print credit, so families can choose whatever printed products from our shop they love following their session to fulfill that – it’s like an easy button on that last step of getting your session photos printed.

We do all the design, ordering, and delivery because we don’t want to leave our families hanging with a bunch of files. Mustering your way through consumer labs, file sizing, layout tools, cover options, sizing specs… it’s a lot. Many well-meaning and sleep-deprived mamas end up with half-finished books that live on a website somewhere in internet-land instead of the shelves of their baby’s room.

This photo book is the perfect keepsake for your Charlottesville newborn photo session or family session and we’re so excited to get it into the hands of our 2021 Firefly families.


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The Perfect Newborn Photo Book