December 4, 2020

Go-to Photo Products for Gifting

Photos are a go-to gift idea, and with good reason. They’re special, lasting, and bring lots of joy to those we love.

The majority of our families choose to purchase their full collection of digital files after viewing their final gallery (yay!), but we love being able to put something tangible in your hands, too. It’s just all too easy for that last step to get buried and, well, what’s the point of investing in photos if you never look at them?!

At a recent newborn session, one of our dear mamas said —

“We look at our storyteller frame every day on our mantle and it just brings us such joy, especially on the hard days. Our files are somewhere on [husband’s] computer that we haven’t turned on in years, but we get to see all our favorites on a regular basis, and that’s what’s important!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

So whether it’s for you, your wife, your husband, grandparents, aunts/uncles, or whoever else loves on your kiddos… having beautiful, lasting photos in front of them means they’ll see and enjoy sweet smiles on a regular basis.

Here’s a few of our favorite products that make for easy gifting.

Mounted 10×13 prints – $60

for framing, easels, and layering on shelves

8×10 matted and framed prints – $135

A beautiful finished piece in one of our 9 signature style frames, handmade in Portland and assembled in our local studio – ready to hang!


6×9 layflat softcover books – $150

includes up to 30 images and custom design


20×20 Storyteller Frame – $350

A keepsake that will warm your heart as a centerpiece of any room. Choice of 9 favorite images and 9 signature frame styles. Assembled and ready to hang!


If you have a gallery that’s expired, just reach out and we’ll reopen it for you for a limited time to make your print choices!

Sometimes, the billion choices on consumer sights can be paralyzing, but part of the joy in shopping with small businesses like Firefly is that we do all the hard work for you – and we love it! Let us know how we can serve you to give a thoughtful, timeless gift to someone you love this year.

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Know someone expecting a baby in 2021? Ask about our gift certificates!