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February 1, 2021

Free Union Country School : Charlottesville School Photos 2020

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I literally wish I could share every single one of these beautiful faces – to say I adore this school is an understatement.

While this school year was incredibly unique and challenging, you’d never know it by walking through the grounds of Free Union Country School. All the “classrooms” were set up outside and the children were engaging in activity, exploring, reading, learning… it’s just an incredible environment that truly honors each child’s unique personality. And that’s exactly why we’re such a great fit for shooting their school photos!

On photo day, the kids were already all outside, so teachers would just gather a small group at a time and walk over to where we were stationed by a few trees in the back of the building. I’d spend 1-3 minutes with each kid, sometimes a little more if there were siblings, and that was that! The entire experience complied with CDC standards, including socially distant interaction, masks, temperature checks each day, and contactless ordering and delivery.

In the past 3 years that I’ve been photographing schools, I have photographed thousands of kiddos and each is uniquely wonderful. School photography has such a bad wrap for being stiff and awkward, but with our approach, kids walk away laughing and smiling. I don’t ask them to put their hands in their pockets or sit a certain way or hold a stack of books…. I just ask them about their hobbies, get a little silly, hang out for a few minutes, and keep it light.

For now, enjoy these sweet faces to bring a little joy to your day like they do to mine 🙂






If you have questions or are interested in a more laid back school photo experience for your Charlottesville school, you can check out my SCHOOLS page, pass it on to your school’s administrators, or reach out directly for more info.