April 11, 2018

Featured: Meet the Siblings Fresh 48

Fresh 48: Meet the siblings - featured, documentary

Fresh 48: Meet the siblings

Earlier this year, I introduced the Kirkpatrick family and a little bit about their story through their documentary maternity session at the park and sharing family traditions on a chilly, winter morning.

Well the waiting finally came to fruition as they welcomed sweet baby Henry to the world a few weeks ago, and I was able to capture these proud older siblings meeting their newest addition for the very first time.

As we waited for the kids to arrive with grandparents, mom and dad savored the quiet, sweet moments of that first day with their baby boy, knowing that soon, their family of 5 would be together at last and these moments would be few and far between. And when the doors opened to hugs and pitter-pattering boots and gifts being shuffled and questions asked… there was also that beautiful sigh of amazement.

There were gentle strokes of hair and introductions, whispers and kisses. And you could almost witness these parents’ hearts growing, making space for the bursting love in a room filled with blessing. The excitement swirled so suddenly, but they locked eyes as she said with a smile,

“oh my gosh… we have 3 kids.” 

And so the next adventure begins.