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November 19, 2020

Featured: Extended Family Thanksgiving Backyard Session

When I say “extended family photos” you might get shivers thinking about the sweaty mall studio guy who tried to bribe you with a lollipop as Uncle Bill grumble under his breath from the black stool beside you.

This is not that.

Backyard sessions are amazing options for large families who want to capture a piece of the true memories and relationships shared. They’re also a great way to have photos of people who hate being in photos. This family, for example, traveled from all corners of the country to be together for the holidays, but wanted to keep it simple and not detract from their time just hanging out.



Their typical evening included grandpa cooking, playing outside with the little kids, decorating cookies, watching football, playing dominos… simple, but rich.

It might seem like stuff that would be boring to take pictures of, but it’s actually exactly the opposite.

Documentary family photos give you a unique perspective of real, joyful, natural moments. Not just the faces, but the personalities behind them. When you see photos with a ‘20 years from now” lens, they tell a story of family, love, and the glue that matters most.


Maybe you can see yourself in images like this… and if so, I hope you’ll reach out for a backyard or in-home session of your own.

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