March 19, 2018

Featured: A Maternity and Birth Story Through Cancer and Beyond


They met because of perfect timing. And while the joy of new life and news of cancer came for her all at once, their faithfulness in the continued purpose of God’s timing is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard and had the honor to capture.

He’s a turkey farmer, she’s a nurse, and together they celebrated and waited, fought and hoped through all the pieces of this journey.

Despite the medical reservations, they decided to keep the baby and trust in the life he’d been given. Back in January, we spent a windy afternoon together exploring their farm, then warming up in their cozy cottage home by the fire, to capture a piece of joy amongst all the trial of her pregnancy.












Six rounds of chemo, incredible care and support, and lots of prayer later, and Jenny was able to carry full term to a healthy and safe delivery for their miracle baby boy, born at normal weight and no side effects from the treatment.

That’s what a lot of people would call a miracle, and what a lot of other people would call God’s goodness on display.

Either way, this little boy is an incredible blessing, surrounded in deep and unconditional love.

As the snow came down hard on an early February day, we met back at their home once more, but this time, as a family of 3. And even in the quiet snuggles, it held a new sense of warmth and hope that was practically palpable.






It is always such and honor to be welcomed into the intimate lives and stories of my clients,  through the biggest moments and milestones of each journey, and serve them well. But to capture this emotion and the importance of this journey, and to get to know this incredible, strong, and lovely couple, has been one of the most impactful projects of my own journey as well.

May strength, hope, prayer, and love continue to guide this life and family through any obstacle. <3