July 23, 2020

Featured brand: RSVP Handcrafted

Meet Daniel and Alisa -a powerhouse team who immigrated from Russia and organically built and grown a unique, handcraft business from zero. They use organic, locally produced materials to create gorgeous leather-crafted goods, including custom camera straps that I use personally and LOVE.

When planning their session, they shared that they wanted their images to reflect quality, passion, loyalty, and tradition.

They also wanted to images that would help them communicate their team dynamic and the different roles they each contribute to the business – Daniel is the visionary and craftsman, while Alisa steers the business and marketing ship.



Every business requires a different approach to posing and styling that will fit their vibe, and this one was SO FUN to work with to create something that would really serve them well.

We shot in their small, trendy studio in downtown Charlottesville and since Alisa is great at photographing their products for their Etsy shop, we focussed on the faces behind the brand for their customers to connect with.




Also, I 1000% recommend their products for photographers, but they also have incredible gifts like journals, flasks, keychains, belts, and more.

So go check them out and support this amazing small business!