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March 4, 2022

Bokeh Podcast Interview | How to Simplify Workflow

I was recently interviewed on The Bokeh Podcast, where I talked with Nathan Holritz of Photographer’s Edit all about simplifying workflow in your photography business.

We dug into topics like:

  • how to approach workflow and systems as a creative practice
  • the importance of foundational business practices, especially for new business owners
  • the power of delegation for your work and life (and how I integrate it in my business!)

We also tackle the misconception that once you create systems, you’re stuck with them –because that is SO NOT the case.

Creating systems is simply a way to build foundational structure around your operations; even if you have to knock the whole thing down and restructure later on, the good bones, data, and habits around things like time management, boundaries, and values from those systems will still firmly support you in transitions.

As life changes and you gain experience around your work and clients, pivoting becomes much less scary and more doable when you’re in touch with issues as they reveal themselves along the way.

RE: my huge business shift from IPS to virtual sales and the now-comical circumstances surrounding that decision.

There are times in your business for exponential growth and times to dig deep and slow. It does no good to build if you’re not building in the right direction.

Bottom line, this episode is all about being open, flexible, and honest in order to create better versions of our businesses, service, and lives.

When we do that, the joy pours over into the homes and families of those we photograph.

Sprinkling light like little fireflies to all those we touch with art and love.

And THAT is worth tuning in for.

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