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Here you'll find featured family and newborn photography, photography education, and tips for stress-free sessions that feel wild and true. Dig deeper wtih personal stories of simple joys and the inspired details in everyday life that ignite my work, thoughts, and heart for making art in the world. 


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When you finally get the news that you’re pregnant, whether it happened fast or it’s been a long, difficult journey to welcome this little gift, suddenly the to-do items seem to flash before you. Between registering for a pail to hold poop and throwing up saltines, it’s not always glamorous. But booking maternity photos should […]


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Relaxed newborn photos at home in Crozet

You may think you want to schedule newborn photos at home, but logistically, it seems like it could be stressful, right? Good news – relaxed newborn photos at home are both totally possible and deliciously beautiful. This crew had just recently moved to Crozet only a month before their third son was born. Still, these […]


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What I read in 2022 (and my 2023 book list)

Another year, another list of amazing reads I got my hands on and the ones I can’t wait to grab! Here, I’ll share the books that shaped me last year, and the 2023 book list I have on tap ahead. Even if it’s just a page a day, somehow picking up a good book is […]


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Podcast Interview: Take the stress out of Family Photos

I was recently interviewed by sleep and wellness coach Allison Egidi, the host of How Long Till Bedtime, about how to take the stress out of family photos. Allison’s podcast tackles important topics around health and wellness for parents and kids, and given that fall photos are a popular but often stressful event for families, […]


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Maternity photos at home in Charlottesville

There are so many reasons to choose to do your maternity photos at home, but my favorite is the ease and comfort of it for new parents. Maternity photos in today’s world can feel very dramatic, but for those who feel a quieter, cozier approach to celebrating their growing family, home is a perfect choice. […]


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Hi, I'm Leah.
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I am endlessly curious. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself and love a good kitchen dance party. My kids inspire and delight me daily. My superpower is seeing magic in the mundane and thinking way too deeply about it. I’ll talk your ear off about business, purpose, and the ways art can fuel both. I believe the best way to care for people is to really see them. Every man in my life taught me that strength starts with black coffee and every woman showed me that you can be both sweet and spicy. 

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Playful family photos at Chiles Peach Orchard

Sweet, juicy peaches and bright summer sun. All the ingredients for a super special family session celebrating this 3rd baby girl’s first birthday at Chile’s Peach Orchard. Add some wildflowers and a light breeze bouncing off the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it was a true treat to savor the richness of family joy with them […]


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The best way to have fun with outdoor summer family photos

So many clients preface their summer sessions with either “we’re so awkward, please help us” or “it’s so hot, this could get interesting” — so consider this quick tip the best way to have fun with outdoor summer family photos and address both concerns. First, let’s get real. The summer in Charlottesville, VA is HOT. […]


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Learn about photographing families in any home - even in low light, tight spaces, with wild kids, you name it. My class joins 26 other family photography instructors from around the world for this super valuable resource.


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