5 activity ideas for your family session at home

The idea of doing family photos in your home is reasonably daunting to most people – after all, it’s not your typical scenic view with golden hazy light.

It may be more like dishes in the sink and lava lamps, but that’s ok!

While you may not have gone into this whole “looking for a photographer” thing with the prospect of asking someone to meet you in your garage, this could very well be the best way to capture your family and all the things you love about each other.

In-home sessions are the best way to capture candid, natural photos with real personality, while also telling stories that are meaningful for your future selves to enjoy.

Not sure what to do during your session at home?

5 ideas for home session activities

1.Make a meal

Many families have breakfast traditions, and pancakes are basically always fun for kids. But dinner is also an awesome way to include family traditions, especially around the holidays with extended family. Check out how this family gathered before a big move and these other holiday session ideas.

Bonus– a cup of coffee or glass of wine never hurt to loosen up for a fun session.

2. Play a game

Whether it’s cards or a full-on strategy board game, games have a way of breaking the ice and getting people to connect. And hint: you don’t have to play the whole thing. Our families have busted out Uno, Ticket to Ride, Checkers, Dominos, Hopscotch, and Yahtzee to name a few!

3. Arts and crafts

Grab the paints and chalk and let the kids get creative. You’ll enjoy seeing the process – whatever that looks like — years down the road.

4. Go for a walk

Something as simple as getting shoes and coats on for a walk around the neighborhood can capture some genuine family fun and memories of a unique season.

Kick around the ball, jump on the trampoline, play on the swingset – the options here are endless. Let kids be kids and the fun will follow.

If you’re pretty sure you’re not into the matching formal outfits and would rather have a session that’s actually easy and fun, go ahead and reach out.

In-home sessions can happen rain or shine, in any season. Let’s make it happen!

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5 activity ideas for your family session at home