How to have a stress-free session with your teens


Fall is finally here and family sessions are filling our calendars at Firefly Photography. There is a sweet desire to document another year in the life of your family as rhythms fall into place after summer and anticipation for the holiday’s set in. As families grow together and your once toddlers are now looking like young men and women, scheduling a photoshoot can seem like a large task.

When you search “family photoshoots” on Pinterest, the majority of the photos are with kids under the age of ten.

You may think –

Are family photoshoots just cuter when kids are still young? 

Maybe it’s just too hard to get our family together in the teenage stage of life?

Will they want to participate?

Is it worth it?


The short answer is, YES. It is totally worth it.

It is worth is to see the personalities of your children develop from toddler to teenager through photos.

It is worth it to embrace the last few years where you all live under one roof.

It is worth it to hear laughs and giggles of your teenagers in ten years as they reflect on how much they’ve grown physically and emotionally.


Here’s how we keep it easy:


    Choose a location where you feel most comfortable or your favorite place to spend time together. Your family personality will come alive in places you feel at home.


    Wear what makes each of you feel comfortable. No need to coordinate or insist on dressing up. Choose a general color palette or “vibe” and just then just allow them to embrace their own unique style.


    Incorporating something you like to do together FOR REAL eliminates the need for you to stare and me awkwardly and wait for me to give you directions for an hour. Activity helps everyone loosen up and be themselves.

    IDEAS: Grab coffee together at a local shop. Do some fishing. Play basketball. Make pizzas. Or s’mores around a fire.

    It can be simple, as long as it’s YOU.





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How to have a stress-free session with your teens